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Sale and Leasing Guidelines are spelled out in the Artesia Master Documents, Section 23.13 as follows:
Owners may lease their Lots, Units or Parcels for a minimum period of not less than 30 consecutive days in duration and may enter into a maximum of 2 such rental arrangements in any 12 consecutive month period.  Leases will only be approved for a maximum of a one year period.
Owners shall notify the Master Association (as well as an applicable Subdivision Association) in writing that the Owner intends to lease and shall provide both associations with a copy of the lease prior to execution.  
If the Owner is delinquent in payment of Assessments, the Master Association shall be entitled, but shall not be obligated, to prohibit the Owner from renting or leasing until such delinquency is made current.  
Leases shall be in writing and shall be subject to the prior written approval of the Master Association.  
Tenants shall comply with all aspects of the Master Association Documents and the Rules and Regulations. The Owner shall be responsible for all conduct of the tenant, including without limitation any damage to the Common Property and that a violation of the Documents is a material breach of the lease and is grounds for damages, termination and eviction.
If you wish to sell or lease your property, please complete the below application and submit to Seacrest Southwest at 1044 Castello suite 206 Dr. Naples, FL. with applications fees no later than fifteen (15 days prior to the anticipated date of closing on a sale, or the first date of occupancy on a lease.  
Management will not issue key fobs or gate passes until the Sale or Lease has been approved. 
Artesia Purchase and Leases Please contact Southwest Property Management at or by phone 239-261-3440.
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Realtors: Contact or by phone 239-261-3440 for specifics pertaining to the individual property as Assessments vary by property.  If the property is a Condominium, you must also contact the Condominium Association for sales information.  Please make sure your purchasers complete the above-referenced Online application prior to closing.
Artesia Master Association
Glenn Dobrydney ,  Property Manager, Seacrest Southwest 
Coach, Mansions and Village Homes Managed by  Seacrest Southwest : Carolyn Sabin or call 239-261-3440 
Carriage Homes Guardian Property Management: Hank Sholz  239-514-7432
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