Artesia-Naples is managed by
Seacrest Southwest
Corporate Office
1044 Castello Drive, Suite 206
Naples, FL 34103
  Management Agent responsibilities:
  • Manage the "Common Property" of the Community in accordance with the restrictive covenants or deed restrictions and at the direction of the Board of Directors;
  • Operate and maintain the books and records of the Association;
  • Engage and supervise all staffing personnel;
  • Provide financial and administrative duties for the Association;
  • Collect all regular and special assessments which may be due the Association;
  • Deposit all funds collected from Owners and others into one or more bank accounts established by the Association;
  • Cause the Common Property to be maintained and repaired including, but not limited to, landscaping, painting, paving, cleaning and such other normal maintenance and repair work;
  • Purchase, as needed, on behalf of the Association all supplies and materials as necessary;
  • Solicit, analyze and negotiate contracts on behalf of the Association;
  • Approve and pay all bills received by the Association;
  • Maintain, as needed, the Association's official records, financial record books, accounts and other records in accordance with Florida Statutes;
  • Prepare on a monthly basis all statements of receipts, expenses, disbursements, reserves and bank reconciliation;
  • Prepare annually an operating budget for the Association;
  • Retain and employ, as requested by the Board of Directors, such attorneys, accountants, insurance consultants, tax consultants and other experts and professionals;
  • Maintain appropriate records of all insurance coverages carried by the Association;
  • Accept applications and references of prospective Owners and Tenants and facilitate transfers in accordance with the governing documents for the Community;
  • Perform routine property inspections;
  • Provide regular reports to the Board of Directors;
  • And other tasks as requested by the Board of Directors or as identified in the below job descriptions.
Brysen Russell
Administrative Assistant 
Patrice Mahoney
Maintenance Supervisor/ Compliance Coordinator
John Apperti
Maintenance Technician
Luis Flores
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