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Posted on May 17th, 2020

Your Artesia Board of Directors is happy to report that the Clubhouse will reopen on Friday, May 22nd for Owner access. 
Our Governor has said gyms can reopen on Monday and we had hoped to be able to open when that decision was made.  During a recent inspection of the Clubhouse we found several areas where our Cleaning Company has been less than attentive.  Therefore, the Board has decided to take an extra few days to thoroughly deep clean the entire Clubhouse once again for the safety of our Owners. 
This pandemic has been difficult on everyone.  We all want everything to go back to what was normal.  However, we will have to live with a new normal with rules and guidelines for our daily lives. 
The Board is asking for your help in maintaining Social Distancing when accessing the Clubhouse and its various activities.  Please review the Guidelines listed below and help us to keep our community safe.
ADMINISTRATION:  The Administration Office will resume normal operating hours with the following changes:
·        Staff will be available for Owner Visits between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm.  Possible evening hours forthcoming - will advise.
·        If there is another person in the office, please wait in the hallway for your turn.
·        Keep visits to a minimum, using email and phone messages when possible.
·        MANAGER REQUEST on the Website is available to get a quick response to your question
·        Appointments can be scheduled for requested meetings after hours.  Evening hours are being proposed.  Will advise when available.
FITNESS PROGRAM:  Classes will resume on June 1st -- More information to be posted next week.
GYM:  MAXIMUM CAPACITY AT ONE TIME = 8 people with 45 minute workout time per usage. (will adjust as we go forward)
·        Wipe machines, exercise mats, and weights before and after each use 
·        Leave fans and lights on (Office can shut on way out at end of day)
·        Maintain social distancing as much as possible
·        Whenever possible, leave one cardio machine open between users 
·        Please do not do floor exercises on carpet - Use floor mat
·        Keep Gym door open to minimize touching
MEMBER RUN ACTIVITIES:  May resume – watch the Artesia Website Calendar and the Flash for more information.
MOVIES:  May resume – watch the Artesia Website Calendar and Flash for more information.
LIBRARY:  Available for Owner Use.  Please practice Social Distancing
CAFÉ:  Available for Owner Use.  Please use the wipes available to wipe down touched surfaces after use.
COMMUNICATION:  The Board will continue to provide owners with up to date information through the Artesia Website and the Flash.  The Calendar on the website has a list of all available activities and how to participate.  Keep informed by accessing these communication options to obtain the correct and current information of what’s happening in Artesia.
Thank you for your patience.  Stay safe and respect the safety of your neighbors.
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